PlatDePa | Andreu Carulla Studio


It translates as breadplate. Bread has been a basic, main food for centuries, all over the world, in all cultures. In the traditional catalan cuisine, we can find the classic ”pa amb tomata”, which is a big loaf  of bread with fresh tomato rubbed on it which, sprinkled with olive oil, makes the perfect setting for almost anything you can think (or crave) of. PlatDePa is this setting or “canvas” to lay different  delicacies and appetizers on, and it is intended to enhance their presence.

Made of aluminium, each plate is different and unique, as real loaves of bread were used as models, and when put together, they form a whole bread.

This plate has been designed and created exclusively for El Celler de Can Roca.

PlatDePa | Andreu Carulla Studio.